T-Minus One Day

In 36 hours, I’ll be aboard a plane headed east…far, far east. I’m anticipating a mini panic attack when I’m 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and reality strikes that I’m leaving everything I love on the west coast of America. Goodbye, Oregon. Goodbye, weekend trips to LA. Goodbye, dearest family and best of friends. Goodbye, Taco Bell. Finally…goodbye, week-old Taylynn whom I already love so much.

I’m saying farewell to everything that makes my heart sing instead of listening to all the little voices that say “stay.” Perhaps I’m going through an “almost quarter-life crisis” that skydiving and tattoos can’t satiate. I’m at the point in life where the agenda has ended. I’ve completed elementary school, secondary school and college. Now I have an opportunity to write my own script and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Quite frankly, the idea of working 9 a.m.-5 p.m. five days a week for the next 50 years of my life makes me want to blow chunks. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe that’s what life is about. I want to be exposed to new relationships, new cultures and new experiences prior to jumping in step with the rest of society. That’s not to say I won’t be able to find those things once I’ve settled into a career, but by the time I have my own office, I’ll likely have a mortgage, husband and dog calling for my attention and the thought of relocating to another country will be out of the question. So the time is now, and I’d be silly to not capitalize on the opportunity.

No, I don’t know Turkish. Yes, I thought Turkey was simply a type of protein. No, I don’t plan to return to the states wearing a head scarf. And, yes, I have been watching the news about Turkey lately. BUT I am someone who is capable of using common sense and adapting to new environments quickly. I have a wealth of resources and contacts to assist me along the way, and I anticipate having the experience of a lifetime to show for my 13 months abroad.

I hope everyone enjoys my rambling about my adventures in Turkey and beyond!


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