Tell the World I’m Coming Home…


Big decisions are the worst. They’re mentally exhausting. They demand serious introspection. They make you reevaluate your goals. But most of all, they force you to choose between what you know and what’s unpredictable. Of course, these big decisions are also what make life exciting. 

That being said, I’ve decided to relocate to Denver, Colorado, where I’ll start a new adventure. I’m craving fresh air, mountains, greenery and craft beer, so the Mile High City was an easy choice. I’ve begun tapping into my network of professional contacts in hopes of catching wind of a great opportunity in the communications field.

My most recent decision to return to the states was one of the biggest decisions I’ve made. I’ve opted to leave behind an ever-exciting cultural experience in the most interesting country I’ve ever visited in exchange for a predictable life in America. Call me crazy, but I’m confident I’ve made the right decision. The reasoning behind my decision is personal and unimportant to the general public, but I’m following my gut on this one.

Since making my decision, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on my experience abroad. Here’s what I’ve concluded:

The world is both bigger and smaller than I can comprehend.
My preconceived ideas about Turkey were the furthest thing from reality.
My American identity is something that brings me a strange combination of pride and shame.
I found comfort by becoming integrated into my environment.
Quality trumps quantity…all the time…and in all situations.
Communicating and networking is my strong suit and my calling.
Life after college demands that you continually find ways to educate yourself.
My parents are my greatest mentors/cheerleaders/sounding boards.
I’m incredibly fortunate to be a native English speaker…but that’s not enough.
When I treated each day like I was a tourist, I never allowed myself to be complacent.
Material things don’t hold value in my life. Experiences and connections do.
My most boring experiences were the planned ones and the most exciting were unplanned.

This list could be a mile long, but that’s the bulk of my “ah-ha” moments while I was abroad. Now I’m currently sitting in the Salt Lake City airport on my way to my new home in Denver. That means my Turkey/European adventures have come to an end…for now.


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